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categorized 101 list

Finished goals are bolded.

1 Graduate Completed! I got the BA 11.6.2009.
8 Finish my thesis
50 Send my thesis to the Professor of Exegetics
51 Apply for internship or a doctoral course student position
82 Finish all the required writings for the writing class (5/5)

2 Study all the jouyou kanji
17 Read a story in authentic Japanese I read 黒鳥亭殺人事件 by Arisugawa Alice.
33 Learn to read basic Chinese - very basic...
43 Read Mio, min Mio by Astrid Lindgren in Swedish It was a lot easier than I thought.
46 Read one of the stories by Anton Chekhov in Russian
52 Read a chapter of the New Testament in Koine Greek
53 Read a chapter of the New Testament in Latin It was hard. I've forgotten most of the vocabulary but luckily a lot of it I could guess via English.
59 Learn the basics of hindi or learn 1000 Chinese characters. I don't have time to do this if I'm doing the jouyou kanji. Have to think of something else to replace this.
67 Speak Swedish with someone
73 Speak Chinese with someone Does it count ifI said "I can't speak Chinese" in Chinese?
88 Read one of the Moomin novels by Tove Jansson in Swedish
90 Learn to sing five Chinese songs by heart (0/5)
91 Learn to sing five Japanese songs by heart (2/5)
93 Learn the basics of Korean
94 Speak Korean with someone I asked a Korean girl to marry me and she burst out laughing.
95 Take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2 I'll take it 6th of December 2009. Taken. Passed

3 Translate a short story I translated one of Natsume Soseki's Dreams just for fun.
24 Write ten letters (3/10)
38 Translate a short chapter from Japanese Natsume Soseki again...
66 Write a story in Finnish
76 Make a list of my idols and write down why they're my idols Changed into make categorized lists of the most interesting novels, movies, the best actors etc.
81 Try to get something published [I'm getting there - I got a contract for translating a novel. Done.]
84 Write postcards to people with whom I haven't been in contact lately (10/10)
97 Translate a detective story for my godmother
98 Try subtitling Hard. Especially if you take a film that has a fair number of puns in it.

4 Visit Klondyke, Iceland or Scotland
26 Go somewhere with my goddaughter We went to movies. :P
44 Go to a minimum 100 km long hike
83 Visit my brother
85 Visit my ex-roommate
92 Visit an Asian country

Music, theatre
5 Learn to play harmonica I can't play it well but I can play something ^_^
6 Play a song on harmonica in the 17th of June 2009 I did it in the 19th of June.
10 Watch a play at a theatre I guess musical could be categorized as a play? At least I do so now... I watched Tanz der Vampires in Vienna. It was magnificent!
32 Take Mother to a concert Took her to a piano concert.
64 Go to five concerts (5/5)1) 1) A classical concert for children...2) A classical concert (orchestra with a Hungarian violinist playing solo) 3) A classical concert (orchestra with a piano soloist) 4) A classical orchestra playing music from horror movies 5) A classical consert themed Star Wars.
100 Take flute lessons
101 Write three variations of a familiar piece for a flute

7 Read the apocrypha
39 Go to a church at least 15 times (15/15)
48 Go to a Catholic Mass
49 Go to an Orthodox service
62 Read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
63 Do the daily prayers for a week (7/7)
65 Take part in a retreat

Books, movies, series
9 Read The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
23 Read The Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima
30 Read at least two new books from each of the lists 100 Books (0/2), Rexroth (0/2), BLP (0/2) or from the list Christian classics
35 Read The Kalevala
42 Read The Mysteries of Udolpho (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)
56 Watch 10 Bollywood movies (1/10)(Khalnayak) I changed this into Watch 10 Bollywood movies and/or Korean movies (11/10) Watched Khalnayak (B); Antique Bakery(K); ...ing (K); 100 Days with Mr Arrogant (K); Romantic Island (K); Chingu Sai (K); My Little Bride (K); Miindo (K); Duelist (K); I'm a Cyborg but that's OK (K); Too Beautiful to Lie (K).
57 Watch 10 Japanese movies (12/10)(Watched Hush!; Okuribito (Departures); Tiger and Dragon SP; Tokyo Sonata; Maiko Haaaan!!!; Yatterman; Heaven's Door; Waiting in the Dark; Yuuki; 1 Litre of Tears; Karaoke Terror; Ballad.)
58 Watch 5 Chinese movies (4/5) (Taiwanese movie Spider lilies - wasn't too good; Mulan; Mao's Last Dancer; Prince of Tears.)
68 Watch all the first season episodes of the series Jeeves and Wooster (5/5)
69 Watch all the second season episodes of the series Jeeves and Wooster (5/6)
70 Watch all the third season episodes of the series Jeeves and Wooster (0/6)
71 Watch all the fourth season episodes of the series Jeeves and Wooster (0/6)

11 Ski 200 km (225/200)
12 Jog 200 km (0/200) Doctor told me not to run, so I've got to change this into something else. Skiing (120/300)km
13 Go canoeing
14 Go hiking
19 Do my back exercises 30 times (30/30)
28 Bike 200 km (200/200)
45 Go skating I didn't even fall!
79 Try a new sport yoga.
89 Go orienteering

15 Make a game for my brother on Don Rosa's ducks
16 Knit socks
18 Not bite my nails for a week
20 Find a present for my goddaughter I found a good book.
21 Learn to make a fire without matches
22 Make sushi
25 Get a boyfriend or a girlfriend / I change the whole thing to "no poo for a month" - I'll wash my hair with only water for a month. 2. Change: Get a new friend. Original.
27 Go to play with my friend's twins I was at their birthday party.
29 Continue this list until it reaches 101st item
31 Make a special dinner for my parents A Mother's Day dinner
34 Get a wedding present to a friend She got married the 19th of March 2009.
36 Find a summer job I'll translate a novel. The deadline is the 10th of August.
37 Donate blood five times (3/5) I can't do this because I had an operation.
40 Go to an Amnesty meeting
41 Buy winter boots
47 Buy Carcassonne Got as a present.
54 Make a present for my godmother I translated a short story for her.
55 Write a job application in Swedish
60 Make a skirt
61 Watch the midnight sun I kind of did. It was too cloudy to actually see anything.
72 Fix my mother's old dresser and paint it
74 Pick 15 litres of wild berries 10 l blueberries, 5 l raspberries, 3 l cloudberries.
75 Move to another place
77 Buy a new backpack for hiking
78 Buy shoes for badminton
80 Try a new hobby Kind of... I've been organizing a Japanese culture club at the uni.
86 Paint my parents' house
87 Do something funny (4/5)(1. Ok, it was not intentional, but it was funny when I got over my embarrassment. Instead of sending my CV with my job application I somehow managed to send a file of a written roleplay (with gay couples and nasty things). We'll see if shocking the possible employer will be an effective way to get a job... It was! 2. Climbed to a tree in the middle of a town park with ten Japanese students. 3. I was searching for Lalli's cellar in the middle of nowhere - doesn't sound funny, but in fact, it was. 4. We slid and crawled in unbroken snow.)
96 Clean my old room at my parents' house and go through all the stuff there - Halfway done.
99 Go fishing and get a fish. First try wasn't succesful, we couldn't even get close to the lake because of a broken raft of logs. 2nd try: we went ice fishing but didn't get anything but wet shoes and trousers.





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